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Security Considerations in the Cloud

Security Considerations in the Cloud

When cloud first entered the market, there wasn’t a huge focus or consideration on data security. Now that cloud adoption is becoming more common and with several well-publicised security incidents, it has sparked fear and concerns around data security in the cloud. Governments and legislators are also becoming more aware of these security risks and are implementing new legislations to protect data privacy and confidentiality.

But it isn’t as worrying as it sounds. Due to its maturity, security in the cloud is now more robust than most on-premise security solutions. However, the inherent security features of the cloud that are now available are not yet being widely adopted. This is due to legacy applications and solution designs. The fact that these features are so new also means architects, planners and designers are not fully across how to implement these security features as part of their broader cloud solutions design.

How Cloud is More Secure

All major security vendors now have a cloud centric security platform. Two-factor and biometric based authentication is now a standard feature for most cloud platforms in the market and can be easily integrated into existing applications and platforms. This gives you an indication of the strength and availability of options for security in the cloud today and how easily they can be integrated into an existing system.

Data encryption is also a standard tick box in almost every cloud platform available in the market today. It is baked into the cloud platform itself rather than being an add-on feature of a security vendor solution.

All of these are native security features of cloud platforms, and this is before you even start to consider security vendor solutions that will go on to provide further protection.

Compliance (industry and government) is now also part of most public cloud platforms (see Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services’ compliance pages). Even the private cloud hosting providers (such as Next DC) have compliance certifications (such as ISO 27001).

What this means is the security features and options available to businesses in the cloud today are actually better than if you had your infrastructure on premise. It is a matter of ensuring that your solutions are architected, designed and developed properly at the beginning.

What to Do Next

If your organisation did not give security the right amount of attention when migrating to the cloud, or if you were an early cloud adopter and these security features were not available at the time of your migration, all is not lost. Security features can be introduced into your existing solution through a phased or agile management approach.

In addition to all of this, cloud technologies give you the flexibility to rapidly adopt new security technologies and best practise as they become available. Cloud reduces your lead times and delivery delays in adoption of new security technology innovations.

How Somerville Can Help

Working with a service provider with a strong security practise will help make this process easier. They will ensure you are taking full advantage of not only native security options but also frameworks, guidelines and best practise around security for your organisation. In addition to this, they can provide real time monitoring of cloud services so you have a clear picture of your IT environment’s health and status. This means if a security incident does occur, you are able to quickly respond to risks and stakeholders and lower your risk profile.

Security and data privacy awareness is increasing exponentially and has fast become a priority across management layers in most industry verticals. It is important to not only protect your data and applications today but also be aware of the security technologies and considerations that are coming and legislative changes that you need to be prepared for. Your Manager Service Partner will be worth their weight in gold when it comes to keeping you up to date on Security best practise.

If you need assistance with your businesses security in the cloud or would like to find out how mature your security strategy is, reach out to the Somerville team.

Due to its maturity, security in the cloud is now more robust than most on-premise security solutions.