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Is Hosted Hybrid IT the Key to Solving Your Aging Infrastructure Problem?

IT can be something of a Sydney Harbour Bridge project. Like the painters who daily scale towers of the iconic construction, reaching up to 134 metres above sea level to deal with the never-ending challenge of aging paintwork, the work of the IT team is never done. As one part of the underlying system is updated, so another piece of infrastructure reaches its end-of-life. With this constant cycle of replacement, though, when is the IT team to focus on the digital transformation that every organisation faces?

Digital Preparedness

Most organisations are accustomed to a three-year cycle of infrastructure upgrades, but the pace of technology is now much faster. Given how fast new competition emerges, and how quickly new opportunities must be grasped, missing out on the latest technology represents significant risk.

The solution to this challenge can vary, depending on the level of IT investment the size of the IT team, and organisational culture. In order to keep pace with organisational demands, the necessary focus must be on delivering strategic IT outcomes in support of the growth of the organisation. This can mean implementing new services, introducing greater efficiencies and improving customer and user experiences – activities that are near impossible to manage at the same time as wrangling infrastructure that is in a constant replacement cycle.

From finance, automotive and insurance industries to schools, colleges and universities, the battle to attract and retain customers is incredibly brutal. Few weeks pass without another big name disappearing from the business landscape, outdone by a brand-new competitor or by an existing name that has mastered reinvention. The pressure on the IT team to keep up and to innovate is immense.

Infrastructure as Utility

Instead of the constant patching, updating, and replacing of infrastructure, many organisations are capitalising on cloud to acquire IT infrastructure as a utility, much like electricity or water. Unlike traditional utilities, though, there is far greater choice of provider, and both quality and service levels can vary.

The potential is tremendous. Almost any organisation, of any size, can access the latest enterprise level technology via hosted hybrid cloud solutions. They can opt to have someone else apply security patches the moment they are available, and provision additional capacity the moment it is needed. Thanks to some big leaps in hybrid infrastructure design, they can also have their cloud services and still keep chosen workloads on premise seamlessly.

Hosted Hybrid IT

While adding cloud to your in-house IT arsenal brings exceptional scalability and flexibility, it can also add complexity. One vital element of the transition is to plan carefully so that the productivity of the IT team and the availability of services and applications to the organisation are unaffected, so for customers and users it can be business as usual. The new generation hybrid IT products developed by the likes of HPE make enormous strides in ease of management, but for many organisations, it makes sense to focus every possible resource on winning the digital transition race. That means letting go of some or all elements of infrastructure management.

There are plenty of options available, and the Somerville hosted hybrid IT specialists report that a tailored and flexible approach tops requirements for most customers. That means a shared responsibility for IT operations, giving freedom where it is needed without sacrificing control. Organisations access an extended team of experts on a pay-as-you-go basis. Simplified budgeting may not be the initial motivator for every customer, but it is certainly a highlight for most.

The focus in this new hybrid IT world is on an organisation’s needs and opportunities. When the marketing team needs a fast turnaround or manufacturing must ramp up quickly to meet increased demand, the IT team becomes the enabler that makes it all possible. Behind that ready agreement lies software-enabled automation and seamless hybrid cloud management. The resulting cloud-like experience frees the IT team from the Harbour Bridge-style treadmill and creates a streamlined, efficient and highly responsive environment where innovation is welcome.

Got higher priorities than day-to-day infrastructure management? Contact our friendly hybrid IT experts today.

While adding cloud to your in-house IT arsenal brings exceptional scalability and flexibility, it can also add complexity.