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Is Aging IT Leaving Your Organisation Flat-Footed?

If there’s one thing that is predictable among industry disruptors, it is the speed with which they strike. Whether it is the reinvention of existing businesses or the emergence of new players like Uber or Airbnb, fortune favours the fast – and that velocity is only achievable through technology smarts. Aging technology can leave organisations flat-footed and unable to compete.

The answer is no longer as simple as just buying newer, faster equipment. Where once, businesses may have followed a five-year replacement cycle, then three years, the pace of technology breakthroughs now makes some infrastructure seem decidedly vintage before the ink has dried on the purchase order.

Cloud Challenges

The emergence of cloud has allowed IT departments to achieve faster turnarounds. This acceleration, though, comes with a cost. As more workloads that are critical are now cloud-based, increased complexity ensues, and with that complexity comes cost. The sheer volume of cloud activity is immense.

As the IT team faces pressure to achieve project deadlines and meet tough service levels, while also meeting new regulatory compliance needs, opportunities for growth and innovation through technology can be missed. Regulatory requirements include new data protection laws, both in Australia and overseas. Protecting data is a legal obligation for organisations, but you can’t defend what you can’t see. While modern infrastructure goes a long way to aiding visibility, those managing aging servers, storage and network equipment will be well aware that complexity acts as a virtual blindfold.

A good example of the risks of not keeping your technology up to date can be seen in organisations utilising VMware technology. VMWare’s VSphere reached end-of-life in September 2018 and many organisations using this technology are not even aware of this.

Updating to VSphere 6.7 isn’t just about avoiding the vulnerabilities associated with unsupported software, or even the access to attractive security features like encryption. It means you are no longer covered for severity 1 support calls, product updates or security patches to ensure you are protected from the latest threats.

Managed Cloud Services

While obsolescence can be a challenge, it is also a good time to review IT provisioning, and decide where best to focus in-house skills. According to analysts IDC, around 60% of Australian businesses intend to use a managed cloud service (MCS) to modernise legacy applications1. This removes a significant burden from overloaded IT teams.

Supporting legacy applications, which still hold value in the business, has typically involved constant fire-fighting, and consumed a sizeable portion of IT time. Likewise, battling to establish a sufficiently high level of data protection, previously a time-consuming and stressful task, is handed over to the managed IT service provider. Freeing those resources for business efficiency and growth activities can prove a wise investment. One of the highlights of our own involvement is to see the creativity and innovation that is unleashed when technologists are freed from some of the day-to-day management struggle. The cost of IT services can meanwhile benefit from the economy of scale that the cloud service provider brings to the table, in particular it enables you to bring in specialised IT resources as required.

Managed Cloud Services in Numbers

The number of organisations opting for a Managed Cloud Services (MCS) solution is growing fast. Somerville Managed Cloud Services manages more than 30 terabytes of traffic daily to and from content providers like Google, YouTube, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, with more than 50,000 users enjoying the benefits of a robust, efficient service.

Given the critical nature of the applications and data involved, security is a high priority for many transitioning to Managed Cloud Services. In the more complex cloud world, this is no small consideration: our security experts report that we block over 5M+ external attacks every hour, preventing over 120M malicious events everyday. Few organisations outside the biggest corporations and government departments could retain the number of IT security experts this takes. No matter how large or small an organisation is, they can take comfort from this top-tier security.

Do you know if your infrastructure is up to date and supported? Don’t wait to find out, Contact our friendly Managed Cloud Services team today and we can help ensure your organisation is compliant.

1 IDC Managed CloudView Survey 2018, Aust N=250

The answer is no longer as simple as just buying newer, faster equipment.