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Online Cloud Security Assessment

Identify Cloud Migration & Capacity Issues Before They Impact Your Business

Welcome to this fifteen question assessment which identifies areas of possible improvement with your current cloud solutions and services consumption, infrastructure capacity, security posture and future alignment to change. Once completed, you will be provided with an online report containing:

  • A summary of your responses
  • Tailored feedback for each of your responses
  • A personalised score rating your cumulative responses.
  • Recommendations on how to improve areas of your network, security and cloud usage
  • How Somerville can help your organisation to meet the recommendations above

For security reasons, this assessment does not collect information related to network addressing, data storage samples, user PII or historic data breaches. The data collected in this assessment is used by Somerville only and is not shared with any third-parties. By completing this assessment you accept that somerville can use the data provided for data processing activities that would be considered within their legitimate interests. At any time you can contact Somerville to request that data collected by this assessment tool be securely deleted, using the contact us page on this website.

If faced with a spear-phishing email or other social engineering attack, how confident are you that your users could identify, and either delete or report the threat?

Not Confident
Highly Confident

How frequently does your organisation review its IT infrastructure for improvement and capacity planning?

How confident are you that your current IT infrastructure is suitable for network traffic levels and demand during normal operating hours?

Not Confident
Highly Confident

How important is the use of cloud infrastructure, services and software to your organisation?

Not Important
Very Important

Do you currently use any of the following cloud-based services and solutions?

How is your cloud-usage likely to change over the next five years?

If you were to suffer a catastrophic IT event, such as a critical server becoming unavailable which required restoration from a backup, how long do you estimate it would take to restore this service?

How would you score your current ISP and WAN connection for being able to provide the bandwidth, speed and connectivity levels that your organisation needs?

Unsuitable for Our Needs
Highly Suited to Our Needs

What is the make-up of your IT support staff today?

If you had to score your IT support team (in-house and third-party) for their technical skills and knowledge, what score would you give them?

Lacking in Essential Skills and Knowledge
Highly Competent

If presented with a DDoS attack or other firewall/perimeter-based attack, how well would your IT support team manage it?

Poor Resilience
Strong Resilience

How important would you say that the reduction in capital expenditure on IT is for your organisation?

How would you score your current ISP / WAN provider for 'value-for-money?'

Poor Value for Money
Strong Value for Money

How confident are you that all of your organisation’s data is currently held in a storage platform which conforms to all local data protection legislation?

Low Confidence
High Confidence

If your IT infrastructure, organisation of IT support staff and security posture remained the same for the next twelve to twenty-four months, how confident are you that you can meet the demands of your users?

Low Confidence
High Confidence

Your report is almost ready. To view it, we just need a few details.