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Press Release: Somerville launches “Secure Connect GO!” Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS)

For Immediate Release
Name of Press Contact: Lulu Dowell
Date: second week of June 2021
Phone: 0431 064 170

Workplace demands have undergone extensive transformation in the past 12 months, and as a result, Somerville have a new service that will help organisations’ meet the new demands.

Somerville are launching “Secure Connect GO!” Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS), a workplace management service designed to ensure remote teams get the most out of their tools regardless of where they are located.

Built on three defined steps, MWaaS includes:

Step 1: Secure: Starting with discovery, the Somerville team identifies relevant devices for an organisation’s team incorporating secure platforms, secure SOE (Standard Operating Environment), and secure user experience before pre-imaging and configuring them ready for deployment.

Step 2: Connect: Deployment commences – pre-imaged devices are shipped directly to where the users are, enabling work to commence straight out of the box.

Step 3: GO!: Organisations can work and focus on business optimisation and productivity, knowing Somerville have device troubleshooting, ongoing management, and 24x7x365 support covered. Sydney, Australia – Today’s workforce demands flexibility and choice. To remain competitive and retain talent, organisations need to adapt and evolve. To achieve this, they need to foster flexible and secure working environments with seamless connectivity and access to the right business tools and applications. However, with shrinking budgets and growing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) complexity, correctly managing device fleets is becoming increasingly difficult.

Somerville Modern Workplace Manager, Nathan Kramer says the solution is the culmination of customers’ changing needs.

“As 2020 unfolded we received a lot of feedback from customers regarding their changing workforce requirements, and that many or in some cases all of their staff would continue to work remotely. These organisations wanted fast and secure support for these workers wherever they were. As a business, we wanted to make our device deployment more meaningful and realistic for these customers. So, after significant research and planning, we developed MWaaS.”

Somerville MWaaS is an end-to-end solution that gives organisations a simple to adopt environment designed to reduce headaches, increase productivity, and facilitate collaboration while remaining secure and at an affordable cost point.

Underpinned by HP technology powered by Intel®, MWaaS gives organisations end to end design, deployment, and ongoing management of their devices for a small monthly fee per user.

It offers organisations a window into the hybrid workplace with a modern cloud experience that is safe, secure, and reliable. In the past, getting a device into users’ hands was a time-consuming endeavour, but MWaaS reduces that says Mr Kramer.

“Organisations used to have to do everything on-premise including imaging and configuration and every time a password needed to be reset the device had to be on-premise. But with MWaaS, Somerville puts the device straight in the hands of the user including auto enrolment and once it connects to the internet users can get straight to work.”

Endpoint management of this scale typically requires 4-5 dedicated staff but with Somerville MWaaS, it is all managed by Somerville for a small monthly fee, per-user.

As one of the most experienced end-to-end IT service providers in Australia, Somerville have been delivering almost 40 years of exceptional service and value to our customers across a wide range of industries including finance, education, legal, insurance, superannuation and automotive. We believe in forging genuine partnerships with our customers, and take the time to understand business needs and internal IT capabilities, to develop innovative solutions to IT challenges that enable change for tomorrow and beyond. Our services include; connectivity, security, cloud, modern workplace, and hardware and software procurement, delivered by our Australian-based team of skilled engineers and all backed by proactive 24 x 7 x 365 support, so organisations can rest assured their critical systems are up and running round the clock.

Somerville are launching “Secure Connect GO!” Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS), a workplace management service designed to ensure remote teams get the most out of their tools regardless of where they are located.