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Why You Need Microsoft Teams Calling for Your Business

By The Somerville Team

It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams has been essential to our collaboration, connection, and communication. In addition to company meetings, virtual interviews, and project-specific channels, we also use Teams as our phone system. The numerous calling features and always-available (when you want to be) nature of Teams Calling make it a great alternative to traditional, equipment-heavy landlines.

What is Microsoft Teams Calling?

If you’re already using Office 365 and Teams, you already know that you can make internal voice calls within the Teams platform. But did you know you can use Teams for external calls too? Microsoft Team Calling direct routing lets you make and receive external calls from within Teams. With Microsoft Teams Calling, your employees can make and receive calls directly from the same platform that they’re already using for the majority of their daily tasks.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams Calling

There are a wide variety of features included with Microsoft Teams Calling. One of the most valuable benefits of the cloud-based system is the flexibility to access calls anywhere there is an internet connection.

Gone are the days of having to share your personal mobile number to make sure you don’t miss that important call. Calls can be answered or made on a Teams desk phone, from your laptop, or on your mobile phone. Fully remote or hybrid work schedules can make it challenging to stay in touch with clients and vendors. The always-available nature of cloud-based calling eliminates that challenge. Teams Calling means business as usual, no matter where you’re physically located.

You can transfer calls directly to voicemail, park a call while you change from your mobile phone to your laptop, or invite a colleague to join a call that’s in process. Microsoft Teams Calling can completely replace your business phone system, cutting costs and reducing the need to update or replace outdated or broken equipment.

Key Features

  1. Auto Attendant: Create a menu system that enables callers to locate departments or individuals in your organisation.
  2. Call Transfer: Chat with a colleague to introduce the caller and verify their availability instead of transferring a call blindly.
  1. Call Queues: Configure how call queues are managed – set up greetings and hold music, and determine where calls are directed.
  1. Voicemail with Transcription: A voicemail message is delivered to your mailbox as an email with the voice message attached. The transcription of a voicemail message is available in the Teams app.

Whether your organisation has decided to work from home indefinitely, you’re back in the office full time, or you’re working a hybrid schedule, staying connected is crucial. Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one app that combines chat, file sharing, video calls and meetings, and cloud-based phone calls into an easy-to-use platform.

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