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Hybrid IT – no compromise

Too often the word hybrid is associated with compromise such as the hybrid petrol-electric car, but the essence of Hybrid IT is that there is no compromise. Hybrid IT cost effectively blends on premise IT infrastructure with Private-Cloud, SaaS, and Public Cloud into a seamless holistic user experience. 

The widespread adoption of Cloud computing over the last 5 years has fundamentally changed the way organisations use IT and with this change is an equally fundamental shift in the optimal design of organisational IT infrastructure.

With the average enterprise employee running applications in 1.8 public clouds and 2.3 private clouds, there is a significant operational reliance on corporate connectivity.  This operational dependence needs to be supported by highly resilient internal and external infrastructure.  This infrastructure also needs to support all the business applications that are hosted on premise, which is why a well-designed Hybrid IT solution is so important.

Most organisations recognise that the benefits of Cloud computing are not just that it is more efficient and easier to manage, it also fundamentally changes an organisations IT capability and options.  Like the internet itself, Cloud is specifically designed to maximise redundancy, at the same time it is also designed to maximise performance and efficiency.  This is a three-way combination that needed to be weighed off against each other in traditional IT. Cloud also enables the organisation to choose the best application for its requirements, rather than the best application that can run on the organisations IT environment. In a rapidly changing world this freedom to choose could be the difference between thriving and surviving.

Hybrid IT is specifically designed to take advantage of the benefits of Cloud, as well as ensuring the on-premise infrastructure and ‘last-mile’ of connectivity is appropriately designed and configured.  One of the remarkable things about Hybrid IT is that there are so many options. When designing a Hybrid IT solution that incorporates Cloud computing into your existing infrastructure there are a range of options to consider such as: Network Access, Unified Threat Management, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Business Continuity Protection, and Managed Services.

It is precisely because Hybrid IT has so many options that organisations can get the right solution for their organisations needs and budget. Hybrid IT also provides organisations with highly flexible application migration alternatives, giving them the ability to decide for themselves when is the best time to transition different applications between on premise, private cloud, SaaS and public cloud.

Subsequently a Hybrid IT solution is often designed with several iterations in mind.  This allows for an organisation to combine the right combination of on premise, private cloud, SAAS and public cloud to suit its current needs without compromising its future options.

Hybrid IT is the best option an organisation has to future proof itself in a rapidly changing world in which every aspect of the IT environment including devices, applications, data storage, connectivity and business continuity requirements continue to evolve in unprecedented ways.

The internal challenge for organisational IT teams is to keep up to date with this ever-changing range of IT options while also keeping abreast of the organisations changing business requirements.  Too often trying to master both things results in neither being done well. Which is why an increasing number of organisations are choosing to partner with a Hybrid IT provider that can collaborate with them to design the best solution for their needs.

Somerville has been partnering a wide range of clients to provide them with Hybrid IT solutions for many years.  We pride ourselves on delivering the right solutions and hardware and software to meet your organisations needs and budget. Please contact us via the enquiry form so we can discuss your organisations needs and create a solution that fits your organisations requirements, now and in the future.

About the Author

Craig Somerville is the founder and CEO of Somerville IT with over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, Craig has spearheaded the growth of one of Australia’s leading providers of IT solutions to schools and corporates.

We pride ourselves on delivering the right solutions and hardware and software to meet your organisations needs and budget.