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What Does the Modern Workplace Mean Today?

While the concept of the Modern Workplace isn’t new, it is transforming. As businesses face major challenges—such as changing work environments, the proliferation of devices and complexity of applications—their technology needs to keep up. In this article we discuss what the Modern Workplace means today with insights from Mark Fenson, HP Business and Mobility Systems Evangelist, and Nathan Kramer, Somerville Modern Workplace Manager. 

Unique to each person 

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have started paying more attention to their employees’ unique needs and methods of working. In 2021 and beyond, you need to create the right environment for your employees to be productive no matter what their working style is or where they’re located. 

“The Modern Workplace looks different for everyone. For example, I’m here working from home with my son’s home-schooling setup in the same room—this is my Modern Workplace. I’m extremely lucky to have everything I need laid out perfectly to suit the way I work. But my experience of the Modern Workplace is completely different to everyone else,” Mark explains. 

“And it’s no longer only about the device. It’s about making the entire environment around the device effective—from headphones to microphones, cameras, keyboards and screens.” 

Continuous uptime 

Since the Modern Workplace doesn’t have a set location, downtime can become a serious issue. It’s no longer enough to just equip your employees with the right devices. Businesses also need to ensure the right services are in place to minimise outages and make sure any issues are fixed immediately.  

“Today, Modern Workplaces require proactive monitoring to make sure outages don’t occur, as well as a 24/7 help desk for efficient support. With continuous uptime and digital support, you’ll save your business expensive downtime costs as well as improving employee satisfaction and productivity,” says Nathan. 

Sleek and modern 

With hybrid working environments now the norm, it’s important to have work setups at home that don’t encroach on personal space. For example, the latest HP devices powered by Intel®, as well as monitors and accessories reflect this trend with sleek designs that fit in anywhere. Previously, businesses would make sure their staff had some kind of set up that would allow them to do their job, but now they’re seeing the need for better working environments. As well as boosting productivity, this also boosts happiness and helps employees feel more comfortable working from home. 

“People don’t want to feel like work is invading their personal space. They need to have devices and accessories that look nice inside the house. A lot of people don’t have their own study—they might be working in the lounge or dining room. So, as trivial as it might sound, the look and feel of Modern Workplace technology has become more important than ever,” says Mark. 

Comprehensive and responsive security 

Is your Modern Workplace set up for the cyber security threats of today? Cyber attackers are finding new and more sophisticated ways to target businesses, especially with more and more employees working remotely. The Modern Workplace of today needs to be able to adapt and get ahead of increasing cyber threats, to proactively prevent breaches and keep your business protected.  

“Because homes don’t have the same level of cybersecurity that an office would, device security becomes more important than ever. You can choose devices that already have security built in, then you can add services on top that might include machine learning for fast response time. A lot of companies are also looking at Modern Workplace services where a security expert can help them manage their fleet to free up their IT team,” Mark explains. 

A set up that grows with your business 

Agility is one of the most valuable qualities for a business—especially during a time of so much uncertainty. “To make sure it can keep up with the ever-changing digital demands of today and the future, the Modern Workplace needs to be agile,” Nathan says, “That’s where as a service solutions provide a lot of value because they can grow with a business to help meet the increasing number of devices and application complexity.” 

Delivered as a service  

In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more businesses freeing up their internal IT teams by turning to Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS). Choosing an agile provider who offers a comprehensive service that ticks off security, setup, monitoring, management and ongoing support is a great way to make sure your Modern Workplace can handle the ever-changing demands of our rapidly evolving digital world. 

“Going down the as a service path means that businesses can pick and choose exactly what solutions they require, as well as falling back on the provider for management and support. This means their IT team have more time to be more proactive inside the business rather than reactive and constantly fixing issues,” says Mark. 

With an agile, reliable and secure Modern Workplace, you can make sure your business can handle the digital challenges of today and the future. Through our Modern Workplace as a Service offering, we’ve seen a range of businesses reap the rewards of a seamless digital experience. If you’d like to know more about modernising your work environment, get in touch with our team or visit our website for more expert insights. 


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In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more businesses freeing up their internal IT teams by turning to MWaaS.