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Q&A with James Kim

James Kim may be a new face at Somerville, but he’s already making great strides as a Cloud Solution Architect in our Sydney office. Want to get to know him a little better? Read on to find out more…and if you’re lucky, he might give you a chicken wing recipe!


Q: What’s the first job you ever had? And what was the biggest thing you took from that? 

The first proper full time job was to support airline systems at the Sydney International Airport where all the check-in counters, boarding pass/bag tag printers are connected to.  I could go anywhere in the airport without restrictions and that was fascinating at young age.

The biggest thing I took from this job was dealing with mission critical systems whereby the system availability is absolutely critical.  Every minute of delay would cost the airline thousands of dollars and the system architecture with redundancy was crucial to the business.

Q: What’s one of your secret skills?

I am not too sure if I would call it a skill but I do have many hobbies which I have taken to the next level. Photography, Golfing, guitar, piano tuning, composing music, high-end speaker building and design etc. These are not only helping me what to do in my spare time but brings many different topics to have a conversation with people ie: customers and people around me, making them comfortable and interesting. 

Q: Do you follow any sports? 

I used to play golf to becoming a professional at young age until I had a tragic motor bike accident.
After 6 major surgeries I was able to walk and play again but as a hobby and teaching. One of my achievements in teaching golf was to produce a young female golfer called Grace Kim who just turned LPGA professional golfer few months ago. She won the Geoff Ogilvy invitational in Dec 2021 and came second place at the Australian PGA Championship last month.  She has been the ranking no. 1 for three consecutive years among female Australian Amateur golfers + Olympic gold medallist 2-3 years ago in Youth Olympics.

Q: What was your most beloved song or band from your teen years? 

Scorpions / ThinLizzy / Cold Chisel

Q: What are some of the things you are most proud of in your life? 

I think I am proud to be where I am and my family. I came from a non English-speaking country (Korea) and entered into UNSW Computer Science with less than 2 years of study without speaking any English at the start. Now my eldest daughter has entered the same university studying Architecture; she is a lot better than her father (HDs on all her subjects last year).  

Q: What would be your ideal dream meal?  

15 course meal in Tokyo Japan—I had it in 2018.

Q: What’s so cool about hybrid cloud?

You can get the best out of both premises.

Q: What’s something on your bucket list that you can’t wait to do?

Traveling Europe with my wife and my daughters. We all are looking forward to do it.

Q: What was the last gripping movie you watched? 

A Korean movie called “Old Boy”

Q: If you won $10million on the lottery, what would you do/how would you spend it? 

Pay off the mortgage, buy new houses for my parents and parents in-law. Then make donations to our church and friends.

Q: What’s the next country you’d like to visit and why?

Korea and Japan again because there is so much to do there!

Q: What’s something about you that surprises people when they find out? 

My list of hobbies! 

Q: Favorite video game of your youth?


Q: What’s your go-to recipe for cooking to impress? 

James-style Chicken Wings

I am proud to be where I am, and proud of my family. I came from a non English-speaking country (Korea) and entered into UNSW Computer Science with very little English.