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Q&A Series – How the Somerville Connectivity Gateway enables better organisational outcomes – Osh Ranaweera

Osh is inspired by technology and new thinking. As a motivated Network Manager, he has helped formulate the national network team at Somerville to be ready for the new challenges technology constantly brings. Osh has a proven track record and hands-on experience in all areas of networking, and focuses on enhancing the Somerville national network to continually improve Somerville’s connectivity services.

Q: Osh, thanks for your time. Can you start by expanding on Somerville’s core service offering for those who may not be familiar?

Osh: Sure – Somerville works with customers across a wide range of IT services including hybrid IT environments, private and public cloud, co-lo, infrastructure-as-a service, security, business continuity and systems and networking.

There are two overarching facets to Somerville’s service offerings: networking systems and service delivery. Our network team operates across Australia to deliver Connectivity and Cloud networking solutions. Our service delivery team focuses on cloud service and connectivity delivery, which is where the Somerville Gateway comes in.

Q: Tell us about the Somerville Gateway and how it works.

Osh: The Somerville gateway is a single, secure access point to a suite of Connectivity services that enable access to our multi Cloud managed services, including IaaS, BaaS and SaaS. Once a customer is connected to the Somerville gateway, a member of the Somerville team recommends and implements a mix of connectivity and cloud services based on the customer’s specific requirements.

Q: What gaps in the market does the Somerville Gateway fill?

Osh: Very few companies cover the whole IT stack. Somerville isn’t just an ISP or a managed services provider – we offer end-to-end cloud and hybrid IT services that cover the entire spectrum of an organisation’s connectivity needs.

For many organisations, managing IT requirements means dealing with five or six (or more) vendors, which can quickly lead to costly operational inefficiencies and disjointed systems. With the Somerville Gateway, everything is taken care of with one monthly bill.

Once you’re part of the Somerville Gateway ecosystem, you can also pick and choose different solutions as your needs change. Ultimately, this allows our customers to be more agile and only invest in solutions that provide tangible benefits to the organisation.

Q: What problems does the Somerville Gateway help solve for customers?

Osh: Customers want to focus on business outcomes, so they’re looking directly at how IT teams can drive those outcomes – not get bogged down juggling day-to-day IT requirements. They want to have small on-site IT teams that have the freedom to focus on innovation and growth. Corporate customers especially are happy to outsource IT functions, but they want one point of contact though, not two or three.

Somerville partners with organisations to look after the nitty gritty and provide end-to-end services so they can focus on what’s important. With IT changing constantly, knowledge is imperative, so having a partner that lives IT full time and provides holistic services is invaluable. We offer a single pane of visibility, which helps reduce ambiguity, cost and complexity.

And, if a customer is looking to move into a hybrid space, they need a strong network for those solutions to work, so the Somerville Gateway is vital.

Q: What outcomes can an organisation expect as a result of moving to the Somerville Gateway?

Osh: Because every engagement with our customers is personalised, the outcomes are different from customer to customer depending on their requirements. We engage with the client on a consultancy scale to outline and identify the right solutions based on their unique needs.

Above all, though, we’re here to fulfil a need, whether that be hybrid cloud services, private cloud services, hosting, storage, backup or anything else. Through the Somerville Gateway, our customers can move from a CapEx model to a more cost-effective OpEx model where their whole suite of connectivity and IT services is centrally managed by Somerville.

Above all, though, we’re here to fulfil a need, whether that be hybrid cloud services, private cloud services, hosting, storage, backup or anything else.